h/p/cosmos Speed Lab - top-level sport and coaching concept

Speed Lab is a new, innovative high-tech concept developed for coaching and testing professionals as a tool for mapping and coaching of athlete's speed as well as skill properties. The modules of the concept can be combined with each other and are based on the measuring methods of sports medicine. Speed Lab is not only a combination of high-tech measuring devices but a combinations that can be usedto map the athlete's strenghts and areas of improvement from speed properties all the way to memory and logic. RFID identification system allows athletes to authenticate on the testing / training device that executes a planned test / training protocol and the data is stored in the athlete's and the group's database. This allows for efficient testing and training of even big groups as well as monitoring during exercise periods and years.


• interactive testing and coaching system
• 12 contact plates 7 x 7 m
• RFID identification
• large screen for controlling tests and training programs
• ready-made and adjustable testing and training programs
• results instantly readable as well as saved to the database
• surface material options as appropriate, e.g. synthetic grass

h/p/cosmos PULSAR 3P
• high performance treadmill for testing, sprint and overspeed training
• rollbar emergency stop function ensures safety even in the fastest running speeds

h/p/cosmos COMET 3P
• aid for constantly stable resisted running training or assisted running training
• operation on 3 phase current ensures a steady resistance/assistance in all circumstaces
• the use of mobile rope 100 m
standard resistance up to 30 kg , as an option until 100 kg 

h/p/cosmos DISCOVERY
 ladder ergometer for speed, durability and agility training and testing of the whole body
• speed 0,1 – 40 m/min
• working angle 75 degrees
• max. weight of user 140 kg   

• multi-purpose laser system for measuring and training of speed and explosive power yield
• contact mats at starting point ensure accurate measurements and test results, also reaction time
• 5 laser ports, 2 sensors/port, mobile height-adjustable racks
• RFID identification
• measurement precision 1/1000 sec and km/h
• free to choose the operating range 5-400 m
• also shuttle runs
• results immediately and clearly presented visually