Lokomat® – Efficient robotised walking rehabilitation

The concept "task-specific learning" based on the adaptability of the central nervous system means that neurological patients can learn and improve all functions of their everyday life with continuous repeats. Robotised Lokomat therapy fills this need and makes intensive movement therapy possible with the Augmented Feedback feedback system.

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Hatanpää park hospital, Tampere
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Laitilan Health home
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Saarenvire, Tornio sick home foundation
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Rehabilitation center Kitinkannus, Kannus

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Why robotised movement therapy?

  • Functional movements and sensory stimulation are important issues in the rehabilitation of neurological patients following stroke, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury; as well in the rehabilitation of MS and in patients with other neurological injuries.
  • Efficient movement therapy requires a large personnel, a lot of work and enables only quite short training periods if done with manual control.
  • In addition manual walking therapy may be challenging especially if the patient is overweight or spastic.

With the help of Lokomat therapy one nurse can give efficient movement therapy even to patients that are quite challenging.

Lokomat enables efficient and functional therapy even to challenging patients. Robotised walking therapy lessens the resources needed and enables more intensive rehabilitation. Many adjusting options guarantee an optimal training environment and enable many different training possibilities.

  • Task-specific rehabilitation
  • Precise dynamic weight reduction
  • Patient and limb-specific steering force adjustment
  • Real-time analysis and documentation
  • Augmented Performance Feedback motivates, commits and guides
  • Individual regulation of muscle strength and joint angles

Lokomat Pro consists of robotised orthoses, a dynamic weight reduction system, a walking treadmill and a control unit.


– an add-on to Lokomat Pro that makes the robotised walking more natural by enabling:

  • pelvic rotation
  • weight transfer
  • upper body activity


– expands the area of use to child rehabilitation Lokomat Pro pediatric orthoses are an add-on designed especially for children with orthoses and harnesses as well as brackets. Normal and pediatric orthoses can be used on the same Lokomat Pro device by taking turns.

Cochrain Review 2013:
Every fifth person who is not walking independently could be walking if robotised walking rehabilitation was used.


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LokomatPro Product Demo from Hocoma on Vimeo.