Zebris analyzing and rehabilitation systems for walking / running

The system using the capacitive technology of Zebris power plates can be found as individual measuring plates as well as integrated into running mats. For the support of rehabilitation, cameras can be integrated into the system as well as projection on running mats. Measuring plates are available in three different lengths, 1,5m, 2m as well as 3m. The width of all measuring plates is 60,5cm. Read more about measuring plates here.

Analysis of walking and rehabilitation progresses on Zebris system, from the analyzing of standing position and walking to setting a target walking pattern. Based on this projected steps are created on walking mat on which "step marks" move in sync with the motion of the mat. With "step marks" the rehabilitatee is guided step by step towards the goal of the therapy session. Studies have proven significant benefits to rehabilitees from combining walking rehabilitation with syncronized goal steps.

Zebris systems can also be retrofitted into all h/p/cosmos walking rehabilitation mats - ask more from our sellers.




FDMT Power plate:

For example

  • 112 x 49 cm measuring area
  • 7168 sensors
  • measuring frequency 120 Hz
  • measuring area 1-120 N /cm²
  • analysis of standing position
  • analysis of walking
    • the division of the sole into areas (max 7)
    • 3D modeling
    • weight transfer monitoring and description
    • recording to database
    • easy comparing of progress
    •  also available as a separate measurement systems on the floor


Zebris accessories:
  • Portable cameras and lights
    • integrated controls via PC programmes
    • recording and saving can be done at any time
  • Projector
    • integrated controls via PC programmes
    • mounting above the front of h/p/cosmos walking mat
    • target stride easily adjustable based on analysis
      • stride length, track width, foot external / internal rotation, etc.
    • syncronised stride projected onto walking mat and/or on screen
    • virtual training world for interactive training
  • EMG measuring system
    • 8 channel
    • wireles transfer to computer (bluetooth)