The field of wellbeing is constantly developing with new research and innovations. Fysioline offers training as a pioneer in the field to help the professionals of the field of wellbeing to develop their skills and grow their business.


FAF – Leading trainer education in the field of exercise and wellness 

Fitness Academy of Finland (FAF) is an education organization of Fysioline Oy that offers different training in the field of exercise and wellbeing. With FAF training you can qualify as a personal trainer, group exercise supervisor and nutrition coach. In addition we offer versatile, short continuing and further training.

Our business idea is to offer first class training to those wanting to go into the exercise and wellbeing field, trainers already working in the field as well as everyone interested in their own fitness and wellbeing.

FAF is a pioneer in it's own field and the most versatile education organization that has offered services for over 15 years. FAF uses trainers who have a strong education background and versatile know-how. We also offer tailored education when necessary about the subject you wish. Interested? Read more at and contact us at

FAF massage therapist training

In FAF massage therapist training you will graduate as an educated masseur and a multi-disciplinary professional. FAF has executed training in the field of exercise and wellbeing since 1997 and we base our training philosophy on being able to get educated and multi-disciplinary professionals to the exercise and wellbeing field. The qualification of a masseur is defined by Board of Education and FAF massage therapist training is a preparatory training according to the vocational qualification, which also includes the performance-based qualifications. 

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MTC kinesio taping training

Our kinesio taping training is based on the most popular taping training concept in Europe. After the training, you can be sure that you have both good theoretical and practical knowledge on kinesio taping

Two separate training are available: MTC Basic as well as MTC Advance. The trainers are MTC kinesio taping trainers accepted by PhysioTape. MTC kinesio taping trainings can also be tailored for certain groups.

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Senior power training

Senior power is a concept by Fysioline that supports the rehabilitation and training of the elderly and includes the training tools, equipment and training that supports their use.

The training is meant for everyone who works with the elderly such as home services and home service personnel, physical education instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, other professionals in the field of exercise and health care and those interested in the subject.

Senior power is an efficient ensemble in its contents as well as its effects. Versatile muscle strength, durability and balance training prevents weakening of performance and improves quality of life.

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CrossCore RBT Training

CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training education offers versatile know-how in strength, balance and mobility training. It is an excellent addition to group exercise classes and as a tool for a personal trainer.

CrossCore RBT training education is meant for group exercise supervisors, personal trainers, sports coaches, exercise supervisors, physiotherapists as well as other professionals in the field of exercise. The training is the most versatile tool on the market for training that happens with the weight of your own body.

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