Returns when the product is not defective

The deal is binding and irrevocable. The seller is not obligated to accept a refund. Restoration of products outside the scope of the agreement needs to be agreed with the seller in advance by phone (03) 2350 700.

With the returned product there needs to be a written statement of the refund in the same package that contains the name of the contact person as Fysioline that accepted the return, reason for the return, the product description, the amount that needs to be returned as well as Fysioline Ltd remittance or invoice number. We expect that the returned product is completely unused and in the original package and that the return of the product has been done as instructed above. In this case goods may be repossessed and returned or exchanged.

Please note that Fysioline Ltd charges the customer for expenses that incur for unfounded returns. If the trade has to be dissolved for reasons attributable to the customer, the customer is required to pay 80% of the value of the returned product Fysioline Ltd, provided that the goods are in original condition.

Returns when the product is defective

Read more in Warranty terms. (link)

Damage in transit

During reception of goods, always check the amount and condition of the packages. If you notice any shortages or damages, ask the driver to make an entry about those in the transport document. In the absence of an entry neither the transport insurance or freight importer is responsible for the compensation of damages. Please note that Fysioline Ltd is not responsible for damage caused to the goods during transport.


If you notice that products are missing/damaged while opening the order, contact us immediately, in at most eight (8) days after receiving the goods. Call (03) 2350 700 or send a message 

Please note that Fysioline Ltd is not responsible for missing products or product defects if the buyer has not made a reclamation on these in the beforementioned ways.