1. Registrar

Fysioline Ltd

Contact details


Fysioline Ltd

Arvionkatu 2

33840 Tampere

p. (03) 2350 700

Business ID 0927611-8


2. Contact person

Fysioline Ltd
Katriina Latosaari

Arvionkatu 2

33840 Tampere

p. (03) 2350 700

3. Name of the register

Fysioline Ltd customer register

4. The purpose of processing personal data

Personal data is processed by Fysioline Ltd for the following purposes:

  • management and development of customer relationship
  • management and registration of orders, cancellations, returns and complaints
  • billing, control of payments, the grant of the period for payment and debt collection
  • recognition of change of address
  • Marketing the products and services of Fysioline business group 
  • Development of the entities that belong to the Fysioline business group and the development of related customer service 
  • customer interest data processing (incl. the analysis) and the development of related customer service
  • following and analysing customers' purchase and payment behavior 
  • implementation of direct marketing prohibitions referred to in data protection legislation.

Processing of personal data is based on the Personal Data Act 8 § 1 subsection 1, 2, 5 and 6 point. 

5. Content of the register

The following data on customers is collected and stored:

  • customer information: name, year of birth, customer number, contact information (including email address and other electronic address data.) for contacting the customer
  • feedback information: for example, customer satisfaction data, polls, comments on the registrar's products and other information gained from the customer with their consent
  • ordering information: subscriber and beneficiary information, product and order information, offer information, price information, billing information, shipping information, payment straightening, payment and debt information, debt collection information, cancellation information, recovery information, the provision of prohibition and restriction codes, purchase obligation and rebate information necessary for network service information, as well as reclamation information
  • details of cooperation agreements between the registrar and the other companies currently required
  • other data that is to be collected with the consent of the customer.


6. Regular sources of information

Information on customers is obtained from themselves with their consent (Personal Data Act, § 8 of subsection 1, paragraph 1 and 2) and from their orders (the Personal Data Act 8 § 5 Paragraph 1, Point).

Customers' personal data may be collected, stored and updated regularly from other Fysioline Ltd entities' personal data registers (Personal Data Act, § 8: Paragraph 6 of subsection 1).

Personal data may be collected, stored and updated from the Finland Post Corporation, the Population Register Centre and from the registers of other registrar's that offer other address, updating, or other similar services as well as from communities that have an agreement with the registrar on the sales of goods and services as well as from subscription sellers of goods and services.

7. Regular disclosure of data and information transfer outside of EU or the European Economic Area

Customers' personal data is regularly disclosed to other Fysioline Ltd communities of the group at any given time and to those who have concluded contracts for the sale of goods and services to communities with the registrar as well as to subscription sellers of goods and services.

Customers' personal data is regularly disclosed to Fysioline Ltd's marketing register after the contact between the operator and the customer has been lost.

The data are disclosed technical connection, technical records or in hard copy.

8. Principles ofprotecting the register

A. Manual material 

Information is stored in the controller's premises that are locked and the property is access control.
B. Electronically stored data
Only the those in the service of the registrar and other specified persons have access to the register who need the information to perform their duties. They have usernames and passwords.

Data is protected by a firewall and password protection.

9. Right of access and right to rectify incorrect information 

The data subject has the right to inspect the information about them in the register of Fysioline Ltd. Once the registered person wants to use the right of access, he or she must send a signed request for inspection to Fysioline Ltd at the address above or visit the above address with an identity document with them. In the request the data subject must give their name, address and telephone number. Fysioline Ltd will deliver a written response to the data subject within 30 days after the subject has personally visited Fysioline Ltd, or when a written request for inspection of the registered has arrived to Fysioline Ltd.

If the registered information is incorrect, the data subject may submit a request to correct the error to Fysioline Ltd.

10. Right of refusal

The data subject has the right to prohibit Fysioline Ltd from handling information relating to them for purposes of direct marketing. If desired, they can use the opt-out right of the data subject by sending a signed letter to the above-mentioned Fysioline Ltd address.

11. Further information about the processing of personal data 

If the data subject wants to learn more about the processing of their personal data at Fysioline Ltd, they can send a signed letter to the above-mentioned Fysioline Ltd address.